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The found of tobacco plant and cigarette cigarette packing

Tobacco is a family of Solanaceae, natively lives in American. According to historical records, the local Indians burned some hay in the process of sacrificing the gods because of superstition, inadvertently lit a kind of grass, and the lingering smoke exudes a strong fragrance. People have a strong interest on this so called  Cigarette grass, 
People smoking cigarettes mainly with  tobacco pipes, pipes, hookahs, dry smoke, snuff or direct chewing to absorb smoke. There are rumors that in 1799, a Turkish soldier on the battlefield wanted to smoke . He suddenly thought that the shredded tobacco on the thin paper wrapped in bullets turned into a bullet-like white roll, ignited and sucked up, and the other soldiers rushed over. For imitation, this is the earliest prototype of cigarettes, and then hand-made cigarettes are popular all over the world.
In 1805, Cuba established the world's first steam-powered cigarette factory. Although there is a cigarette package, the cigarette has no trademark. In 1880, the Austro-Hungarian Empire produced 20 "Nil" cigarettes, officially using the name and design, and the world's first cigarettes.
In 1890, American businessman Lao Jinlongyang imported cigarettes to China and first established a factory in Shanghai. The first brand is “Pin Hai”. The cigarette marking pattern is two nails used for shipbuilding. Since then, cigarette makers have entered China, which has also contributed to the rise of the Chinese cigarette industry.

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