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cigarette easy open tear tape

The gold tear tape, also named cigarette box easy pulling tape, box sealing tear tape, easy open adhesive tear tape, is used to pack the film of cigarette case, and it also affects the packaging design.

Some tobacco factories also regard it as an information carrier for brands and anti-counterfeiting. The gold pull tear tape is produced along with the promotion of tobacco film and has developed into an industry among China.

Depending different color of gravure printing type, the tear tape can be divided into colors of gold, silver, red, transparent, metallized gold, metallized silver. Cigarette adhesive tear tape also include single side self-adhesive tape, coated tear tape, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting tear tape, bopp shrink cellphone tear tape,

As the diversification development of China's tobacco and the numerous brands, local tobacco factories have different requirements for cigarette packaging design, and with the anti-counterfeiting demand generated by combating counterfeit products, domestic gold wire has been developing in a diversified product form. 

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