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Printing anti-counterfeiting of tear tape


Printing anti-counterfeiting - is a very important anti-counterfeiting technology.

The more complicated the printing process, the more difficult the printing, the better the anti-counterfeiting effect of the packaged printed matter.

It is difficult to print high-quality printed matter by a single printing method, but the combination of flat-convex printing and multi-process printing can print high-grade packaging printed matter.

For some more demanding and more complex packaging prints, it is also possible to use multi-process printing such as flat, convex, concave and silk.
Metallic gloss printing uses aluminum foil-based metal composite paper to print a relatively transparent ink, which forms a special metallic luster effect on the printed matter.

Pearlescent printing is to first print the surface of the printed matter with silver paste, and then print the extremely transparent ink. The silver light flashes through the ink layer to reflect a pearlescent effect. Pearl gloss printing uses inks incorporating mica particles for printing, and the print has a gloss effect similar to pearls and shellfish.

Matte printing uses matte ink printing or ordinary ink printing and then composite matting film, which can produce a weak luster feature and has a safe anti-counterfeiting effect.

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