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Cigarette Box Dimension

The cigarette hard box in Chinese market are mainly two different dimensions, 

GDX-1 :Height 86mmX Width 54.86mm X 22.45 Thick
GDX-2 :Height 86.45mm X Width 54.4mm X 22.5 Thick
GDX carton box:Height 88.48mmX Width 280.46mmX 48mm Thick

Soft Pack Dimension:Height 83mm X Width 52.3mm X 20.7mm Thick

Different brand and different cigarette have the different length, and the box dimension is decided by the cigarette packing machine. We only use the type GDX1 and GDX2 in chinese tobacco factory.

Luoyang Xinyuantong Industry Co., Ltd, is chinese direct manufacturer supplying the cigarette box with customized printing design and dimension. For any needs, pls try to contact by mail to: