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Coming of  the name " Cigar" 

The English word "Cigar" is derived from the Spanish "Cigaro". And "Cigaro" comes from "Siyar", the Maya word "tobacco".

Consist of Cigar

The main body of the cigar is composed of three parts: the core , sleeve , and wrapper. These three parts are rolled from at least three types of tobacco leaves.

Different tobacco leaves will give cigars different shapes and sizes, and bring different tastes and characteristics. Therefore, each brand of cigar has its own unique flavor and taste.

Cigar Types
Cigars are categorized by size and shape. The most common standard cigar is cylindrical, with a straight open at the end and a rounded cap at the other end. The top of the cap needs to be cut before smoking the cigar.

In the cigar industry, if a cigar is made from only one country's tobacco, it will be called "Puro" and in Spanish it is "pure".

Cigar rolling
Cigar making can be divided into machine making, semi-machine making and hand-made. In general, no two cigars are exactly the same. Hand-rolling cigars is a technology, and in the eyes of people who know cigars, this is an art that is uncompromising.
Making a good handmade cigar goes through more than 200 processes, including variety, seed treatment, germination, seedling, transplanting, cultivation, topping, harvesting, drying, preparation, screening, fermentation, alcoholization, configuration, manual roll System, continue to alcoholize, sort, pack and so on.

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