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Cigarette manufacturing process

Cigarette manufacturing process consists of three main processes: Spinning (raw material processing), rolling, and Packaging.

Silk-making process includes the steps of preparing materials, regaining moisture, storing leaves, shredding, drying silk, mixing silk leaves, adding flavor, feeding, and storing silk. The technical task is to make various tobacco leaves into a shredded tobacco with uniform ratio, purity and no impurity, and the width, moisture and temperature are in line with the requirements of various grades of cigarettes.

The winding process includes the steps of feeding wire, cigarette roll, and filter tipping. The technical task is to give full play to the efficiency of the equipment, and the qualified tobacco is rolled into qualified cigarettes according to the manufacturing specifications and quality standards, and then assembled into filter cigarettes.

Packaging process: Using a variety of packaging materials and packaging machinery, the cigarettes that have been qualified after baking are packaged into finished products that meet the product quality standards and are convenient for storage, transportation and sales.

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