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Chinese Cigarette of Hongqiqu Brand Henan China Tobacco Indu

The cigarette brand Hongqiqu  (Mango) produced by Henan China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. was placed on the market in Luping on July 11, 2017.
The retail price is 7 yuan/bag.

Details Specification:
Category: Class III smoke, belonging to flue-cured
Type: 84mm size,  hard box strip
The amount of tar is 10 mg/piece,
Flue gas nicotine is 0.8 mg/piece,
and the amount of smoke carbon monoxide is 11 mg/piece.
It is understood that the Hongqi Canal (Mango) area is Silla, Muping, Yongding, and the delivery strategy is 2 per household.

Luoyang Xinyuan Industry Co., Ltd, is the long term gold supplier of Henan China Tobacco Industry, it providing them the aluminium foil paper for inner layer, tipping paper and gold/silver metallized inner frame with more than 20 years. 

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