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Vacuum aluminized paper used in cigarette package inner laye


Aluminized paper is composed of base paper, aluminum layer and coating. It has good gloss and smoothness, good flexibility, high adhesion to aluminum layer. Beautiful appearance,  environmental protection,  good printing performance, as well as mechanical processing performance. It is widely used for exquisite packaging of tobacco, wine, bottle stickers, tea, food, cosmetics, daily chemicals, department stores, gifts, handicrafts, etc. It can also be used for building decoration materials.

The aluminum plated paper used for the inner liner of hard-packed cigarettes has a certain degree of stereotype. The folding resistance of the hard-shelled cigarettes made of aluminized cardboard is double than aluminum foil composite paperboard, and the raw materials used in aluminized paper production are not. Odor, non-toxic, in line with US FDA standards. Aluminized paper used in the packaging of hard pack cigarettes and wine packaging boxes has good gloss and smoothness, good printing performance, and it is suitable for mechanical processing such as embossing, die cutting and embossing. Now aluminum coated paperboard has an extended upgrade and follow-up product - laser-molded anti-counterfeiting aluminum-spray paperboard, which uses high technology to carry anti-counterfeit brands, trademarks, patterns and signals on the aluminum surface to achieve a very good anti-counterfeiting effect; Aluminum paperboard can be printed not only by gravure, offset printing or silk screen printing, but also by UV ink, ice flower technology and inkless printing embossing. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, European and American countries have begun to try to replace composite aluminum foil paper with aluminum spray products for the packaging of cigarette liners. At present, the largest application market for aluminized paper is North America and Europe. In the 1990s, with the rapid development of China's industry, environmental issues have also been brought to the forefront by the state. It is in this context that aluminum products are sprayed. The environmentally-friendly new product of the transfer aluminum spray product came into being. In the use of cigarette lining, China's annual tobacco production is about 34 million large boxes. With a total consumption of 30 tons per 10,000 boxes, the total demand for cigarette liners is about 100,000 tons. Currently, composite aluminum foil is mainly used. Nearly 20 large-scale tobacco companies across the country have begun to use aluminum-sprayed products as the first choice for packaging materials.

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