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cigarette rolling paper from Luoyang Xinyuantong Industry

Cigarette paper is a thin sheet of paper designed to make cigarettes.

The basis weight was 25 g/m2. Cigarette paper \n paper white (whiteness 82% ~ 87%), compact, soft and delicate. High opacity. It has high longitudinal tensile strength, certain gas permeability and suitable burning speed.

There is a rib print on the paper. The main raw material is bleached hemp pulp, which is also blended with partially bleached wood pulp or straw pulp, high-viscosity beating, filling (calcium carbonate)
and a small amount of combustion improver (to coordinate the burning speed of cigarette paper and tobacco silk).

After the paper is made on the net paper machine, it is cut into a plate. There is a rib print on the paper (pressed by the on-board watermark roller or the external press roller) to increase the air permeability and improve the appearance. Used for hand-rolled cigarettes, before the industrial products appeared, people took the homework paper for the students and tore the cigarettes one by one.

Luoyang Xinyuantong Industry Co., Ltd,  is chinese factory supplying tear tape with more than 25 years experience, it is the golden supplier and partner of Henan Tobacco Industry. Products refers aluminium foil paper 45-80gsm, cigarette rolling paper, embossed foil paper, inner frame, metallized cardboard, cigarette tipping paper as well as shrinkage bopp film.

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