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New brand "Golden Leaf" cigarette of Henan China Tobacco

From July 16th, the “Golden Leaf (Tianxiang Fine Branch)” produced by Henan China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. will be put into the Dongshan market.
The golden leaf (the fine branch of Tianxiang) follows the luxurious style of Tianye. As always, the gold standard, the meticulous hand-carrying spirit, is produced by the consistent special line. Tianxiang fine branch, natural thin waist, China's first fine tobacco leaf fine cigarette - gold leaf (Tianxiang fine branch), with the formation of fine-branched products to solve the gap between high-end high price and huge demand, by multiplying the upper tobacco leaf utilization efficiency, Let consumers pay more attention to health, prefer cigarettes, and consumers who are more attentive to the taste of the upper tobacco leaves, and have more possibilities to experience "master works."

The retail price of the cigarette is 60 rmb/bag,
category: high-grade A (fine branch) potential specification,
type: flue-cured tobacco type, tar amount 6mg / support,
origin: Henan Tobacco Industry.
At the initial stage of the listing, it will be supplied on a weekly basis and will be launched in the city's high-end I customers.
In order to do a good job in the market cultivation of this cigarette, Dongshan Branch requires the account manager to inform the retail customers of the product listing information, actively publicize, do a good job of sales preheating, and quickly establish a reputation. Provide the most powerful guarantee for the successful listing of the new gold leaf (Tianxiang fine branch).

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