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hot foil stamp printing tips on cigarette tipping paper 2

4, the impact of hot stamping temperature
The unevenness of the hot stamping temperature plays an important role in the quality of the product. The hot stamping temperature is too high, and the drawing is simple, and the temperature is too low, so that the hot stamping is not easy. The use of oil or electric heating methods, the use of copper or steel as a substrate of the bronzing plate is also very different in temperature control, usually equipped with a temperature checker, mainly used to check the actual temperature of the bronzing version.
5, the impact of hot stamping pressure
The hot stamping pressure mainly refers to the pressure of the rubber press roller on the bronzing plate, which also plays a proper main effect in the tipping of the tipping paper. If the pressure is too small, the hot stamping will not be caused. The paste will be caused by the assembly, and the service life of the tipping paper may be shortened. When setting the pressure, it should be gradually added from small to large.
Following the development of hot stamping technology, the cold hot stamping and hot stamping technology that is used on the cigarette pack will also be used on the tipping paper. Regarding the tipping paper production company, it should follow the footsteps of the cigarette pack and position it from the beginning  to stand in the competition in the future. invincible position.

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