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Hot foil stamp printing on cigarette tipping paper 1

In recent years, the continuous introduction of high-grade cigarettes has made the use of tipping paper hot stamping more and more widely, and it is on the rise, such as the blue hard and soft Furong Wang products of Hunan Changde Cigarette Factory, the Hongjinlong and Yellow Crane Tower series of Wuhan Cigarette Factory. Commodities, black and series of goods from Changsha Cigarette Factory.
Because the weight of tipping paper products is low, usually 40g/m2, the temperature and humidity requirements of the workshop are high. It is best to adhere to constant temperature and constant humidity, and the hardness and raw materials of the impression cylinder are also high. request. In the tipping paper hot stamping technology, the factors affecting the quality of the product have the following aspects.
1. The influence of electrochemical aluminum
In the hot stamping process of tipping paper products, the quality of anodized aluminum is related to the quality of hot stamping. If the tightness of the anodized aluminum is not appropriate (too loose and too tight), the hot stamping will not be true; the temperature of the hot melt adhesive will not cause the hot stamping paste; the curing time of the electrochemical aluminum will be too long or too short, and the tension will be too much. Large or too small, the hue is not correct or unstable will directly affect the quality of the goods.  To a certain extent, grasping the quality of the electrochemical aluminum is appropriate to control half of the quality of the goods.
2, the impact of hot materials
The influence of the hot-selling materials on the quality of the hot stamping of the tipping paper products is now on the ink layer of the appearance of the hot materials. If the white ink as a thinner in the ink participates in an excessive amount, the aluminum will be reversed, resulting in false stamping. In addition, the temperature resistance and thickness of the ink layer will also affect the quality of hot stamping products, especially when printing pearlescent inks.
3, the impact of hot stamping speed
The hot stamping speed is too slow, the hot stamping is not clear (except for special requests), following the progress of the speed, the function of the anodized aluminum and the hot stamping temperature, the hot stamping pressure reaches the best condition, the pictures, texts and lines on the merchandise It becomes clear. The speed of the tipping paper is mostly 40 meters per minute, and should be adjusted according to the clutter of the picture, the size of the text, and the thickness of the line.

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