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cigarette tipping paper introduction

Cigarette Tipping paper, also named smoking filter wrapping paper, is a kind of speciality paper used in tobacco packing field. We call it tipping paper just bcz it looks like wood.

The tipping paper is directly touched with the smoker's lips, so it is high requirement on the ink and coasting of the tipping paper, it need ti be non-toxic and meet the food hygiene standards, and have certain water resistance and wet strength.

Acoording to the differance of tipping paper processing types, it has printing tipping paper and coated tipping paper. The printing tipping paper is a kindly of paper with gravune printing, looks beautiful and high level grade, usually used for expensive and high level cigarette packages. Another coating tipping paper comes of offet printing, it is easy printing and used for some cheap cigaretts.

In recent years, tipping paper has been developed very rapidly in China, and it has been greatly developed and differentiated in its function and use. The use if tipping paper not only used by the tobacco factory for packaging, it also pay attention on its decoration , and there is a higher demand for the printing beauty if the tipping paper. 

Luoyang Xinyuantong Industry Co., Ltd, professionly in producing the cigarette tipping paper with types of  2-5 mix color offset printing tipping paper, laser perforation filter tipping paper, hot stamping tipping paper, which is widly used in domestic and aborad market. It is also the long trems partern of Chinese Tobacco and Henan Tobacco Co., Ltd.

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