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New Hampshire Launched "Dear Me" Anti-tobacco Campaign

New Hampshire's health officials have launched a campaign called "Dear Me" to motivate  residents to quit tobacco. 
"If you wrote a letter to yourself about quitting, what would it say?" it asked.
 The statewide campaign encourages those who see or hear to write a letter to themselves with their reasons to quit tobacco. They also can film their own "Dear Me" video and can compete to be in an ad featuring their story about wanting to quit.
The compaign keeps going until April 30. Winning videos will be selected in July .
Residents can enter the contest, view contest details and share "Dear Me" letters at the New Hampshire Tobacco Helpline's website,
"Encouraging people to think about the reasons they have for quitting tobacco is a positive motivational force to get them to attempt to quit," said Dr. José Montero, director of public health for the state health department. "And that is what the 'Dear Me New Hampshire' campaign is asking people to do."
He said the department currently offers free tobacco treatment counseling and nicotine replacement patches to residents who call 1-800-QUIT-NOW and qualify.

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